2014 RCS team clothing

2014 Racer’s Cycle Clothing Order


It’s time to order clothes again, It’s been two years since our last order. This year we have chosen to get clothing from Champion Systems, the official clothing provider of Chris Horner. Rumor has it that this is why he eventually signed a contract with Lampre.

We chose Champ-Sys for three reasons.
3.Streamlined ordering
2. Low minimums
1. Quality product

After a brief survey we decided to use their CS Direct program. Which means that each of you can place your order individually, directly with them. They charge about 10% more than their base price to handle the ordering and credit card processing. They will accept orders till March 3rd. This will keep the order flowing and will avoid problems of previous orders when we were always waiting for “one more person to get their order in”. We should have clothes sometime in April.

Many Choices………
There are a lot of Jersey choices on the order form, multiply that by our two different designs, (it’s a subtle change), and you may get overwhelmed, don’t. These are the three jerseys that I am getting.

CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey 54.00
CS Tech Edge Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey 73.00
CS TechFleece Long Sleeve Jersey 100.00

Are are also two different designs for shorts. One that is all Dark colored, and one with white side panels for a flashier look.

These are the shorts I am considering

CS Bib Shortswith Performance Chamois 73.00
CS Edge Bib Short with Performance Chamois 91.00

There are also a large selection of jackets, vests, skin suits and other things that we could not get on the last order because of high minimums.


temporary team login

username: Racerscycle
Password: Musher

Order must be in by March 3
Please feel free to forward this to anyone you may think is interested.



From Champ-Sys:
Dear Racer’s Cycle Service,

We are glad that you have decided to utilize our CS Direct program. Here is some helpful information to pass on to your team members as well as an online walk-through to help them along:

1. Provide your team members with the temporary login and password you created for your account. They will enter the information directly here to get started http://custom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-US/
2. Next, they will be prompted to create their own member account using their personal email and password. They will use this personal login to access their order records as well as to place all future team orders (assuming there is an active team order).
3. Once logged into their personal accounts, your members will be able to place within your team order.
4. Depending on your order settings, your team’s order will either group ship to a single address (bundled and labeled separately within box) or ship individually direct to your team members.

Please be sure to communicate your order window to your team members. Once the window closes no modifications can be made to the order as it will be sent directly to production (which will then take 6 to 8 weeks). Please remind the team that they must “check out” when they are finished ordering, orders must be paid in full and any “saved” orders will not be placed into production.

For a helpful walk-through, please visit www.champ-sys.com/pages/cs-direct-walkthrough-members. You can forward this information directly to your team members.


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